Monday, 4 June 2012

Day 4 - London

Day 4 - London. This is my final stop during my stay. Well, its fairly frequent that I commute to here as London is my stopover when I go back to KL from Trinidad and Tobago. Normally I would just spend few hours wandering around before taking my flight. This time however, I spent two days here. The other days were spent in Yong Fei Tour in previous posts.

I chose a small budget hotel to stay. Small room, small toilet, but clean and new. It's sort of like those budget boutique hotels in KL, but priced like 5 star hotels in KL. Travelling solo, needing a place to stay and store my things; the place was perfect.

I didnt take much photos this time. I was trying to enjoy the moment rather than trying to capture it. Not that we wont get the chance to travel right?
It was a nice stroll, taking the subways to the places I had in mind. The Chinatown, the red district, the shopping district. London is so congested, and modern but you wont feel suffocated or lost. Everything just fall nicely, and it feels like you can do anything without getting obstruction here. You can really take your own time, to do your own thing.

There are plentiful of parks and wide sidewalks you can lepak in.

Near some palace or somthing

So carefree

Jalan-jalan, cari makan

 The shopping here is GREAT!!! Much better and bigger than any of the sales I went. Even the Singapore Sales pale in comparison. The malls are much bigger, in quality and quantity. In Singapore you can at least use an evening or a day to finish the main shopping stretch. will need public transportation just to finish ONE of the stretch!!! And the price are dirt cheap too. Cheaper than Malaysia prices at least. The sales are like....80% 85% off. Gila!!! I dont think they are marked up either as the tags are quite old. Cilakak Malaysia prices always marked up then given discount.

As I said, not much pictorial involved. Too bzbzbzbz. Wakakakaka.
I managed to do some shopping as well. Souvenirs as well as some for my own. Considered expensive souvenirs in Malaysia, but like what I said, its cheap here. Even those jewelries, which I actually bought as souvenirs. One of the most expensive items I bought here was my Seba inline skate. Made me poor by the whole year!!!! Too bad Im noob, and it is WAYYYY underused now. le sigh.....

Till then, wait for the next post - Bath and Stonehenge


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