Friday, 11 May 2012


So, from Day 1 - Oxford, I came to Stratford. The feel and environment here is very different from Oxford. The comfort is still there, just not as bustling as Oxford. Less people are walking around, less activities going on, wider streets, more distanced buildings. Kinda nice for a lazy soul. Maybe thats why this place is the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

One of the plays we get to watch there. Free for the public to watch. Not sure what it was about though. Not ngam me.

The architecture here is amazing too.See those wooden nails below. Well, there are many other places which uses wooden nails, but I am impressed nonetheless.

One of the olden painting method. Gave it a try and ended up having sore fingers for the day. Not very easy oooo. You will need to etch on a piece of paper over a copper block. To have a nice colour, you will need to apply significant pressure on the paper. Since its my 1st time, the result was not that good despite the chamness fingers.

In Startford, not only its filled with gardens like Oxford, but they are also filled with flowers, everywhere.
Very soothing to the eyes I must say.

 The Church where William Shakespeare is buried.

Alas, the final stop for Stratford - the train station again. On Day 3, we went to Cambridge to visit Yong Fei's friends and toured around the city.

Oh ya, before I left, I had to take the shots below.

A very comfy small city. Not hectic, refreshing, relaxing....ah...
Next up - Day 3 - Cambridge!!!!

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