Sunday, 18 November 2012

Malaysia towards Prosperity

There are so many updates needed to be done, but the Internet connection in Johor is far from encouraging. Actually all aspects here is far from encouraging. Shucks.
I'll find some time to really sit down and do some updates though.

Before I do any updates, I noticed that Malaysians are generally getting richer and richer. Thanks to our government of course. Be sure to elect them back in power comes the next election.
Shopping Malls are mushrooming, traffic jams are increasing (signs of Malaysians buying more cars), prices increase in EVERYTHING. And yet, we are still surviving.

All the basic amenities, especially houses have at least double or triple in prices since the last general election. This also proofs that Malaysians spending power has increased, and we have in fact become a high income nation. It is no longer a goal. We have done it! Just in one short term, Ahjibgor has brought the nation's financial status to a whole new level.

Maybe I am noob, but I am finding it hard to keep up with the country's growth. I will strive to keep improving myself so that I wont be left behind by the Rakyat's growth under Ahjib leadership. Given another term, I am sure we will be declared as super high income nation; as the prices for EVERYTHING will only keep increasing exponentially. Hehe, take that sinjiaporeans and americans.  


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