Thursday, 30 August 2012

JB so far

To sum it all, JB sucks.
To compare, being in JB makes me more homesick than being in India. Unfair comparison, but that just shows how suck JB is.

I dont have many references to describe JB ppl. So I will just start with my houselord, my subordinate and the general population.
If I say that India is a good training ground to become numb, then JB is a good training ground to become arseholes. India has high tolerance for bad habits, bad driving behaviour, bad manners; so if you stay there long enough, you will become accustomed to the culture. You may or may not be influenced by them.

In JB, I dont know whether they mixed up too much with pure Sinjiapohreans or the JB ppl who are working in Sinjiapoh. They have high tolerance for kiasunism, selfishness, idiotness, and so on and so forth. They tend to try to take advantage of surrounding people all the time. It is like their hobby or part time job. There is no "give and take". Its - apa pun mau angkat, sikit pun tak mau kasi. Really apa lanciau pun mau. And the thickfaceness is astonishing!! Example common scenario will be like - ASKING you to buy sweets, then 'pau' your sweets after you bought them. Then when they have their own sweets in big/small amount, they will just act dunno hoping you dont ask any from them.

Or when like the TV screen's colour faded when they are watching the TV, then when you are watching it, they will suddenly say you broke the TV and need to buy a new one....... WTF really?

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