Sunday, 6 September 2009

Mini Malaysia Tour

Hei ho!! I am back from a mini Malaysia tour.
I covered 4 of the biggest state in Malaysia during my 3 or 4 days driving marathon. What I realised was, the life in those very different states are not very different after all. All that matters is the company you keep. After all, its just those few roads that separate us.

Well then, there has been quite a lot of things dancing in my mind, a lot of plans waiting in line to be kicked off.
Sometimes, it is extremely to difficult to choose which path I should follow.
Should I partake the path where I choose what I want in life?
Or should I walk the path where I choose what is available in life?
Both is very viable path and have their own multitude of followers. Many swear with their life over either one.

What I want is not necessarily good, or not necessarily suitable for me, or want me.
What is available is not necessarily bad, and might possibly suits me, and want me.

But then again, things can be completely vice versa. Aha!! The paradox of life. While the statement gives reasoning to walk the latter path, what about the former? Many will argue - what you want matters the most. But that same many, might not have walked my path before. That same many, might be still in their "Enid Byton" stage.

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