Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I bought the shoes for quite long oredi.... but I never get the chance to use it. Only today I wore them for a basketball session. I thought I will play alone, so I brought a broom to sweep the court 1st. Its full of small tiny pebbles n sand. I dont want the ball to get spoil so fast. And I intend to sweep it often, so I can do my inline skating properly there.
Every time I use my 2k skate on that surface, the heart will ache once. Actually not once, with every roll the tyres make, the heart will ache.

Not long after I swept the floor, a few youngsters came to play. I guess they are in secondary school age. Form 4 maybe? Wakil sekolah me thinks.
Not long after some casual shootings, they ask me for a 2 on 2. Alright!!!! Not as boring as solo play. Furthermore, I think they should have a bit of skills judging from what they were wearing.

I managed to become the top scorer with my piercing lay ups and unblockable jump shots. Wakakakaka. Summore their most skillful player was effectively rendered useless by my defence.
When the points were at over 20 versus below 10, I asked them when will the game stop. I was told the game stops at 50 points. I was like OMGWTFBBQ!!!!11!!1!oneoneone1!
50 freaking points. I was almost out of my breath at that time. We continued the game and my old age became more apparent. I couldnt keep up with their steps and the points gap became narrower. It was torturous when it was in deuce battle. Like badminton, they decided to make the gap to 2 points in order to win should the points are tied at 48. The deuce battle ended at 60 points!!!!! The moment when I fell on the floor unconscious letting them winning the game. Chamness.

Is this lack of exercise, or really a sign of old age? Wakakakakaka.
I need to exercise more to know.


  1. yo yo yo!! managed to find your new url... :)

    damn farnee lar ur post... was caught laughing to myself in office when i reached " I was told the game stops at 50 points. I was like OMGWTFBBQ!!!!11!!1!oneoneone1!" LOL!!! at least got some laughter amidst the stressed environment :p