Saturday, 26 September 2009

Samsung i8910 HD

Weee, just got it today.
Its a big phone, but quite light. Maybe they use some aero-shit alu to make it. Wakakaka.
Actually no la. Normal plastic gua. I oso dunno.

My initial comment on it is -
Mebbe Im used to WinMo and stylus operation. This symbian and capacitive screen very hard to adapt leh. Especially when browsing the Internet. Buttons so small, how to click neh? Haihs. Summore got lost features. Maybe the newer roms will fix it. Dont dare to touch on roms yet. Not expert yet ma. huhuhu.


  1. ahban, how much is this? why didn't get i-phone wor?

  2. this is over 2.4k
    iphone is slower and got a much inferior screen

  3. iphone slower? lol... my hubby is crazee over iphone... so much so he pay too much attention to his 3GS -___-"

  4. yeah, iphone spec is slower. but i doubt its noticable unless you load too many applications at the same time.

    but the display screen is the one that separates them.

    ala, ur hubby will get bored of it in no time.