Saturday, 19 September 2009

Silamat Hali Laya

Hooray!!! Its the festive season again. Hooray!!!! Holiday!!!!
hmmm.....Few days of holidays still mean holiday rite? Yay!!!!!

This is the 1st time I encounter some Balik Kampung experiences. I was not directly involved, but at least I see how horrid it actually is.
Traffic Jam for miles in the middle of the highway..... To think if I will actually be involve in the jam, it idiotic. Luckily I was in the opposite side of the highway. It was 2.30am...yes...2.30am!!!!! And the traffic was really really horrible. Its like the bumber to bumper KL morning rush. Just longer, and much more meaningless. Why meaningless? What about family values, raya spirit? Ask me again and I will still say its quite meaningless and borderline of idiotic. Not the family value n raya spirit, but the jam....
I believe throughout the years, the same thing had happen over n over n over n over again. I believe we as human, being an intellectual creature, should have thought of a way or system to ease/combat this kind of meaningless endeavor. But we, or rather them (those in the jam) didnt. Haihs....

And then the arrivals of 'kampung-babaric-minded' drivers to KL. Driving on the fast lane at below 80km/h, not giving way even after the flood light signal. Memang bodoh.
People going out and going in having the same level of intelligence. And we are stuck in between.

Luckily there are silver linings to spice up the raya season.
1st I've finally settled my Japan visa. Actually not yet settle. Now awaiting approval at Jalan Tun Razak. But consider settle oredi la. Wakakakaka. The itinerary I malas to think. At this stage, after so many travels, I would like to try a different type of travel - a clueless traveller. huhuhu.
Getting lost, having a hard time in chicken-duck conversation, getting chopped. All this can be said to be a true traveller experience no? huhuhu.

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