Saturday, 12 September 2009


What if you are offered

  • 50% salary increment
  • Job promotion
  • New exciting role at work
  • New better location (workplace)
  • Extra room for career growth
I assume the last thing you will do is to reject the offer. That was the 1st thing I did. One month ago, I would do anything for this kind of offer. Now is one month too late.
It's strange that I am asked to reconsider the offer. Strange as in - it is a very very good offer, and yet I am offered it twice, even after I rejected it.

I am not sure if I will regret this. Hopefully not. But there is now a path in front of me that I know I should try. To break free from the rat race. If I accepted the above offer, I will still be in the rat race. A bigger rat I will be, but still a rat. A big rat will have bigger problems to escape from the dreadful race.

I just hope my plans work well. Good luck to me!!!!!!


  1. go go GO!!! go for it lar :) earn big big then can belanja me makan :p yea rite!

  2. go for it meh?
    in Johor how 2 belanja u makan? lol

  3. yes lor, go for it... since got the big increment and promotion summore :) see lar, one day free then go johor find u... which part of johor ar?