Thursday, 5 February 2009

Eating KFC with my eyes

The other day I was having KFC for dinner. KFC is sort of cheap compared to other food. No money mah, mah eat KFC lo.

I was in the middle of Bnet oso. Main game lar katakan. Eating while playing is very the normal geh.
But leh.....a small piece came out. And it went to my eye. Right eye.
Woah...dem uncomfortable. But I kenot use my hand to touch it. Both oso dem oily and dirty.

So I rushed to the toilet. Controlling the dem uncomfy feeling man.
But my auto reflex finally took over. Very good oredi wan la, controlling auto reflex for so long....

My eye blinked twice. Blink Blink, glurp!!!
When I reach the toilet, the piece of chicken is gone liau. Inside the eye....
I tried to korek my eye, but still kenot find.

This is not the 1st time my eyes telan stuffs. Wonder where they go.
Any medic student care to explain?

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