Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Saving Money!!!! Must save 1st before ANYTHING else

I realise I can save a lot when I do it unconciously.
I tried to save conciously.
By putting them into Unit Trusts and shares. I dont really speculate or try to be greedy. Its just a place for me to store money.
But I friggin lose 40% of the value on those things.
Ppl call it "life water". True to a point.
If I have save it in my bank, they would have long gone. Become material things liau. Worse than now I suppose.
If I have bought a property earlier, it might have been collapsed.
Worse than now I suppose.

But by me saving money unconciously, I can see my cash is actually accumulating.
I changed my mere income (10% of total) to Pound Sterling because I wanted to go vacation with Lifong in UK. This currency exchange thingy has been going on for 2 months since the Pound dropped.
Because of unavoidable circumstances, the vacation got cancelled. So I did a brief count on the Pound I have.....
Its like OMGWTFBBQ!!oneone11!!shiftone!!1

They are not much. But 2 months worth of 10% income is half of my TOTAL savings of 2 years. Really the sweat.
I must adapt to my own form of saving.

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