Wednesday, 7 January 2009 get??

Hmm.... My bonus is not in yet :(
The thing is, majority of the ppl here came late, meening less than a year service in TnT. Meening Meening they are not supposed to get bonus, contract says they will get it only end of this year. Delayed one year.

But what about me leh? Im here for more than a year oredi. Im supposed to get mine. Ugh. Dont lump me together leh. Jilakat.
Even this year is the recession year, so the announced bonus might not be much, Im still entitled to it.
Almost CNY now. Gimme gimme leh.

Since I wanna go back to Malaysia, I definitely need some upgrade in gadget. Interneting or gaming. Im not sure about lappie allocation yet. If im indeed ending up in the same company with same lappie, then I dun need to buy a lappie albeit the current one is quite old...cant really play games, or use photochop. :((
But takkan use 2 lappie. Ish. A desktop? I rarely do heavy gaming nowadays though. Photochop can borrow sis PC geh, maybe help her upgrade her monitor oni.
Still, depends on the current lappie status quo.

Then while Im lepaking, how leh? I meen in wifi spots. No ok-ok lappie oso. Get a mobile one?
My eyes currently on this one - Nokia N97. Few months to go before release though.
On Malaysia soil, should be touching around RM 2.8k? Ohmaigoat!!!
These kind of things only pretty cool for a few months, then they'll die off replaced by other models/brands. No such extra cash for luxury. Might as well put it in to lappie/desktop fund.

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