Friday, 16 January 2009

Bank Robbers. Me so bahaya

30k oredi kena tembak. I almost everyweek oso go bank tim. Sure evelibadi recognise me liau. Most of the time, I always take out more than 30k. sweat

Actually very easy to target ppl wan. Esp those withdrawing huge sum of mani. The system here oso cacat wan. The ATM oni can withdraw maximum of 3k per week. Even normal ppl oso need to take out more la. Ini pulak business ppl. So, ppl who make huge transactions, and often, surely will be recognise by the local ppl there. And also the bank workers.
So the next time you go there, the locals or the worker can agak you are going to take out a lot of money. The queue to the counter usually takes around 45minutes (yes, dem bodoh). So, they will have plenty of time to prepare and ambush you later.

Very cham lah me.

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  1. huhuhu
    he oso got geh
    me more oni coz i rajins