Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A trip to down under

Its been long, way too long since I have successfully organise/plan/join a trip. I used to be freaking good in it. High school time, holiday time, uni time, working time. Trips are planned and executed swiftly, be it small or big, few participants or many. All that stopped exactly almost a year ago. All trips planned fail, be it near or far, short or long. Financial or timing was not the issue. Total unwillingness to compromise from one side is enough to bring down any plan. Be it an hour drive away. So many times....actually all the time.

Now the option is so aplenty!!! I can go by plane, train or bus. I am open to ALL suggestions, so its not surprising so many trips are successes. And even more surprisingly, all the failures for the past many plans.
Now I could've booked the cheap tix to fly over -> surprisingly available since Im going over the very next week. But the lady suggested the bus. Hmm, why not? Its still comfy since we will be taking the more "luxurious" one.

Lets Gaga!!!

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