Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Maldives - 1st Nov - 6th Nov

Ah, a belated post again. I am not going to spam Maldives photos in this entry. They are already abundantly available in Facebook. I will still spam them here though, perhaps in a later date.

Actually the trip is sort of like 6 nights 4 days if you minus out the arrival and departure nights.
We spent the 1st night in Male as MAS is taking the odd hours for its flights here. The airasia schedule is a bit more forgiving, maybe. It would have saved spending 1 night in Male. Not that the stay is unwelcome, but its not far from unpleasant. We are guilty of not taking the extra time to explore, though there is nothing much to. I couldn't catch a wink as the hotel we booked is not entirely honest with the reviews and pictures shown at their website. Relatively more expensive too.

The main reason we came - the island resorts are ok though. We chose one of the water bungalows. I see no compromise in this area since we flew all the way here. The brother actually thought of budget hotel, which would have spoil the entire "Maldive experience". The hospitality is not great, which will be highlighted later, or not. Club Rannalhi was our resort, seems matching for budget and expectation wise.
The sea was great, the beach was great, the resort was great. Overall its a satisfying experience coming all the way the the Maldives.

We had a bit of luck running into a school of dolphins when we were island hopping. Normally you would have to take a Dolphin Sighting Excursion of the sort to find them. I am mentioning luck because not only we ran into them, but we ran into a rather entertaining school. They did the somersaults, back spins, front spins, drilling frontal missile spins and other stunts I cant really name. Cant believe they are wild!!
Other than that we also swam with lots n lots of fishes, manta rays, turtles, cicak kubing, human, sharks etc etc. It is still rather exciting for a non-diver.

The other activities we spend our time with is photo taking. The process was rather elaborate, and time consuming - something plentiful when you are in these sort of vacation. The results are not disappointing, so its good.

To wrap things up, just a few sneak preview is forgivable.

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