Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Project Maldives - Results

Finally its the end of 4th week liau!!! Another 2 days and I am off to the Maldives.
From the photo above, you'll know why I started the 4 weeks regime. I am not Cheong Kar Fai but at least I am not like Day 0. Nanti spoil saja all the pics there. Maybe will spoil also because of all the buffet!!!

Im pretty much satisfied with the result despite all the limitations. It is all possible if you put your mind to it, and stick with it. Below is the progressive results.

So it is definitely doable. I almost gave up after week 2/3. There is so little progress, and there is no gym at my area for more intense workout. I had to stick with home workouts, but Im glad I stuck with it will week 4. Small little difference do matter.

Next up - Maldives itself!!!!!


  1. how on earth was that possible? i'm shocked. can you teach me your fitness program? i'm hitting the gym the day after tomorrow... :)

    1. Hi there.
      I was doing all the home basic exercises like push ups, sit ups and pull ups; as I do not have any gym facility near me.
      It is all due to strict fat free diet for the entire month :(

      Steamed skinless chicken breasts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fruits and vegetables for tea and supper. Occasional oats and bread for the carb load.

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    3. Thanks so much for the tips! :) I tend to focus more on losing my belly fat/love handles. Mine looks just like yours when you started. Any specific advise for that? Can you also share how much workout you did for the abs (reps/sets) in a week?

    4. You're welcome.
      Most of it comes from the diet. I would say 90% contribution? Perhaps.

      Exercise maybe comes in at 10%? Maybe.
      Abs workout were pretty basic. The usual sit ups X 20 and planking for 30 seconds. 4 sets with 1 minutes of rest in between, 2 times a day. 7 days a week.