Monday, 1 June 2009

Streamyx Technical Support

It was quite a funny experience. huhuhu.
A lot of Malaysians prefer to call the operators/technicians and scold them like crazy when their internet connection is down. So far, I dont remember raising my voice to one. Today was not unexceptional. I came home only to discover my internet line is not connected. I tried everything I could on my end. Repair and diagnose, restarting the modem a few times, all to no use.

So I had to call. I was expecting the usual 10 minutes hold. Tetiba somebody picked up at the 2nd dial tone. I am feel so surprising. The guy sounded quite polite and professional too. Most of them are polite, but this one can do some speeking. During the call, there's an announcement of east Malaysia and some part of melaka yadaa yadda will be facing interruptions....for days!! Alamaks, dun tell me my area kena. Still east Malaysia gua I guess. Sama-sama ulu, sama-sama berpokok. I am someone who cant stand wasting unnecessary time, especially in times of inconvenience. So I asked him if my place is affected as per the announcement a few times. If it is, nothing much I can do anyway. He just say he is checking. Then he ask about what XP la, Vista la, as if they are of any kaitan at all. Then ask if my house got alarm system o not la, using phone line or not. He even ask me to take out the phone line splitter and direct connect to test the connection. I just brushed him off telling him it wont work that way. Luckily he agreed. Ignorance is forgivable. I told him to try and reset my port instead.

He tried and confirmed its a problem on their side. My area is not in the interruption area (phew!!!), but my port is having some problem. They failed to reset it. He told me I had to wait for a technician to come over and fix the port manually. 2 days he say. Haihs....

Then I try to connect once again. And I am connected.... sweat
My port did get a successful reset. Kesian the technician.

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