Friday, 19 June 2009


I am feeling damn lethargic these days. I cant even sleep when I know I am not sleeping healthily nowadays. Haihs. My experience tells me its the lack of exercise I need. Exercise meaning sports. Lack of it really is giving out a lot of problems to the body. My shoulder is having some sort of light injury for the past one month. And its not giving any sign of recovery. That alone is bad.

Nothing is really going on in this part of the world. Even if I want to do sports, I dont even know where to start.
Buy a basketball and do solo every week?
Utilise the overspent skate and keep skating?
I think doing both will be ideal, but where do I go?
Its not like they have public place for this kind of things. I dont wanna risk invading private properties here either. God knows what their response will be. A chinese guy invading properties. Doing nothing wrong invited troubles for me before. So making a wrong move will be the least of my priorities.

I should really search for a place. My body will fall all over the place if I dont keep it active as it should be.
Any good indoor sports? Indoor as in inside house/room. Can be done solo.

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