Monday, 27 April 2009

Amanah Saham Wawasan

Malaysia is indeed a third world country.
I "closed" my account years ago. Why did I put " "?

Such Amanah Saham is an investment tool which will be grabbed by the Chinese the very day of their launch. Although being the majority investors, a minority portion is given to them. The majority portion are being wasted by the minority investors as the minority investors dont really have to invest.
They are spoon fed.
And while the Chinese uses their wisdom to save and invest for the future, while turning on the investment wheel, the others sit back, lay down and expect meals to arrive on its own.

The freaking irony when Chinese are being labelled as "rich" when they bring their money and grabbed ALL of their Amanah Saham allocation.
You are unwise to use the oppurtunity granted to you, and you want to turn things into a negative light?
Such is also used as justification that they need more time, even after 1-2 generations pro-independence. Did we Chinese, brought in as slaves for not that many years gained THAT much of an advantage, that it will need more generation of yours to catch up? Despite the all the quota to stop us from advancing? Despite us being denied equal education right? Despite us having to feed you at least 30% of whatever we have?

The above is a derailment of my initial intention of this post.
My apologies.
So, Malaysia is indeed a third world country. I bought the Amanah many many years ago. With my mum (I am a puny secondary schooler at that time). Times were hard, I "cancelled" my account and withdrew all the money (RM 100 sahaja).
I dont have many oppurtunity to buy them again as they will only be available during the launches. See above for why - the allocations.
Today is the day I am here in Malaysia, and they launch another batch of units for grabs. I didnt want to waste the chance.
I went to queue up to open an account. The queue was bearable for a small town Im in.
Then I was told I need to bring the book. The Passbook, as I am having an account with the Amanah Saham. I explained I had an account, and not having an account now, as I closed it many years ago. Which they replied - the account is very much active. Hmm, I asked them if thats the case, do you mean I have money inside the account.

They just said the account is "uncloseable", something which reminds me of sci-fi movies for things "invincible" or "indestructable". Pretty odd philosophy for a financial institution to follow. I am reminded not to lose the book. I was stunned. I withdrew all the money, close the account, and cant I burn,throw,eat the book? But of course, I didnt close the account, it is "uncloseable".

So once again, I missed the oppurtunity to save my money in a decent investment vehicle. All others made 45% of my assets vanished.
I call it fate

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