Monday, 23 September 2013

Slow update

Its been too long, and it made the keyboards lazier to type.
It has been a few countries and keyboards since the last update.

Have to update on quite a few of things.

  • The braces (backyard invisalign) I haphazardly done, but Im content with the result - Will make more detailed posts.
  • The oversea trips.
  • The job changes.
  • The marriage - deserves more extensive coverage.

Im sure there is more..but just to jot down a few important ones 1st. 
Easier to refer when the keyboards get rusty, and needing some pressing.

This entry is to motivate myself. 
To get myself started on a 30-day express diet for my Maldives getaway. Dont wanna ruin the scene/photograph with current self.

Finally did some searching, a lazy quick search on a regime to follow. I dont think I will dwell too much on the technicalities. I intend to follow 100% (if I can). 
Doesnt have those intend-to-know-all desire lately. Good for myself I think.
Doesnt have the luxury of time. Better focus on career-related stuffs.

Blindly following a "proven" regime is better than spending hours n days n weeks learning the curve to achieve a side "hobby". At this moment at least.

Well....hopefully the discipline stays for the 30 days.
Till the next entry ;)

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