Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tuning Box Results

So, is there any significant improvements from the tuning box?

Sadly, unfortunately, Nope......
haihs.... The manufacturer claims 30% increase in HP and also torque. If there is 50% truth in it, I will be satisfied. But from the average real users dyno, they only get around 6% of power increase.
In 0-100kmph scenario, there is no significant benefit. Only difference is when you use the box, during a 0-100kmph test, when u tekan kaokao.......engine fault will come up.

8.83 sec might be higher than the last 2 runs. But the advantage might not be due to the tuning box. It might be the Ron97 over Ron95. It might be the correct pedal flooring throughout the test.
In short, there is no significant benefit offered in a drag test. Not sure if there is any benefit in max speed, or other rpm ranges....

The other thing I noticed is that it plays with your rpm....and gears ratio. Dont tell me thats the only difference gua..... Will need other parameters to know such as the boost figure.


  1. Boost definitely is increased bro.... I have a boost meter and I know...

  2. Hmm, I will need a boost meter
    poison poison