Saturday, 5 December 2009

Workplace hazards

I have always imagined how Terengganu and Kelantan will be like when its the monsoon season. Now that I am experiencing it here, it is exactly as how I have imagined. The people here kept saying this year is the worst monsoon hit year, and it was not that bad the previous years.
Yeah right. huhuhuhu

Anyhow, I got to relax around no thanks to the frequent landslide at my workplace. There is even one time when I almost become a statistic contributor. My car was stuck because of the thick flowing mud from the cliff. I had to call for help because barely a meter away from me, is another cliff -> downwards. My car and I are inching towards the fall of the century.

To add to my fear, I am witnessing another landslide, consists of big boulders right in front of me. It was 10 meters in front of me I think. I quickly re-access my situation. I looked up and saw a big tree trunk, waiting to strike me at the right moment. It was resting on a mud hole, waiting it to be filled. I can also see waves of mud washing and rolling down big rocks along the road as if they were pebbles. Chamness.... The terror of nature.
And I am still stuck in my car!!!!!

Alas, my savior came. A wheel loader, pulling my car using a wire-rope. My car almost plunged down the cliff, with me IN it, because the mud is just too thick and slippery. After the loader cleared a path, I quickly took off. Barely minutes later, the big loader was pushed down by the mud......
The terror of the nature...

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