Thursday, 2 July 2009

Malaysian Women against taking Chinese maids

While I do understand their reason to strongly oppose hiring Chinese maids, I cant help to feel how pathetic they are at the same time.
They feel the intense heat of competition (if there's any) for the attention from their husbands. They have heard stories of how Chinese gals breaking families apart and without any thought, they start to take defensive stance, and admit that they are indeed no match for the Chinese.

Malaysian men has always been in competition with their oversea counterparts. Angmohs especially, among the others. Yet we dont really cry foul. We have heard how useless Malaysian men are, of how unromantic they are, how uncaring, etc by the fairer sex. Yet we dont see huge protest from men on such words. Some do get upset, and uptight over it. But most just live with it, and some take such words as motivation to improve. Many choose to live with it because they know Malaysian men is not THAT bad. Its just slurs by those spoilt women. Unappreciative and overdemanding sorts.

Back to the local ladies/women.
While most might think its all about sex, sex and sex only, its wrong. Sure, sex is a very very important thing, but its not THE decisive thing. How many times have you been told you are not good enough? Those are not the "words of encouragement for you to improve" mind you. How many times have you heard - "Its the modern age, men and women are equal" but are still expected to do what a guy "supposed" to do? Even for sex, when "today no mood lah" become like everyday no mood lah, its quite consuming for the mind.

I think the competition from the Chinese nationals is not that great, if we are from 1-2 generation ago. When wive greet husbands, eating peacefully, having clean ironed clothes to wear, sharing of problems instead of bickering of problems - esp for the bills.

Malaysia is known for copying and pirated things. We tend to copy the culture of others. And bad habits are especially easy to copy. This so called modern woman culture, I dont understand why only the bad are being planted in us.

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